Turning negative into positive

A company like no other

Fundraising for:
Climate change
Mental health
Creative business

Since The hippy movement born in 1968, all the alternative sub cultures movements which followed till our lastest contemporary electronic music movement. have been inspired by a unique instrumental music genere (vocals are used mainly as sound addition to other instrumental sounds) all the subcultures movements have a unique philosophy, ideology and art styles.

all have in common a high sense of love for our natural planet and a high sensitiveness which is the main factor of mental health and creativity.

Wicked 7 is born from the teaching of the predecessors and created a brand that is becomming a trend as legaly of the hippies, scientific and spiritual belifs

Electronic music clubs at the moment have a bad reputation which justifies why so many clubs have been shut down in recent years, they are often associated to unprofessionalism, criminality, ignorance and drug addiction.

Electronic music clubs are full of creative people, offering stress release environments where music, art and dance are therapeutic activities.

Our selected partners are carefully selected, our members are trained, tested till turned into professionals. We only collaborate with those who share our morals, principles and social roles.